Wholesale pricing is vital to the survival and success of professional jewelry designers. That’s why we are careful to only give these discounts to those who are legitimately working to sell their jewelry as a business. We do run knock-out sales every month thru our newsletter as well as flash sales on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Wholesale Application Requirements: A copy of your Resale license must be attached and submitted along with this form before we can begin to process your wholesale approval status. Each state has a slightly different name for it. It might be called a Sales and Use License like in CT or a Sales Tax Permit. Your business must be related to jewelry, beading or accessories! If your business is motorcycles, plumbing repairs, etc… you are not qualified. We reserve the right to make that decision. Your name must match your tax documents. No second party qualifications can be accepted, i.e you may not use a friend’s permit. You may receive wholesale discounts while your application is in process.

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