Mala Beads & Meditation

A mala is a strand of beads, typically knotted, that are used for counting and concentration during meditation or yoga. The number of mala beadsĀ on a necklace or bracelet can vary from 108, 54, 27, 21, or 19. Traditional malas, or Buddhist prayer beads, are made with Rudraksha beads, which grows on trees and embody … Continue Reading

Symbols in Buddhism: Endless Knot

The Endless Knot is a universal symbol of peace and enlightenment influenced by the Tibetan Buddhism’s “Eight Auspicious Symbols”. It is often used in jewelry, tapestry, and other art forms. The intertwined lines that overlap without a beginning or an end represent Buddha’s endless wisdom and symbolizes how all life matter on Earth are related … Continue Reading

Hamsa Hand: The Hand of God

The Hamsa Hand is a symbol that originated from the Jewish and Muslim religions. Since then, it has become a popular good luck symbol worldwide. In all faiths, it is a protective sign that brings happiness, health, and fortune to its owner. Sometimes, you will see an evil eye symbol within a hamsa. It is … Continue Reading