Exclusive June Sale – Save BIG on Freshwater Pearls!

In honor of June’s birthstone, Beadworks will be having a MAJOR sale on pearls! Receive 40% off our entire selection of freshwater pearls. Now’s the time to stock up on freshwater baroque pearls, keshi pearls, coin pearls, and more! Fun Fact: Pearls are considered “baroque” when they have an unconventional shape, rather than the traditional … Continue Reading

Red, White and Blue Sale!

July Sale Announcement! This is America’s 242nd year of independence and here at Beadworks we are celebrating by helping you create eye-catching Jewelry. Check out our Classes schedule where you can then make some Red White and Blue pieces on your own. Make sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for all the summer … Continue Reading

Pearls and their many shapes

The Pearl is one of the less popular of the birthstones, which is a true shame. Pearls have a fascinating history in jewelry, come in just about every color and shape, and are absolutely lovely. One of the more interesting facts about the Pearl is how they’re formed. Unlike most gemstones found in Beadworks, Pearls … Continue Reading