Sales All November Long

Sales to show Appreciation This month we have two sales to show how thankful we are for every one of our customers. Our Metals are %30 off This November our metals are %30 off. That means Charms and Spacers are prime for the taking. Stock up on those charms for your DIY gifts. WHOLESALE: All … Continue Reading

Topaz and Citrine for November

Citrine and Topaz We all step back to think about what we are thankful for, especially during the month of November. Those born during this month have an outgoing personality and love to take risks. Citrine and Topaz help balance out these beautifully free-spirited November babies. Citrine is a Golden Yellow gemstone that brings warmth to … Continue Reading

November’s Birthstone: Citrine

Citrine is the birthstone of November, along with Topaz. It is a beautiful, transparent quartz with yellow-orange hues. The name comes from the French word, Citron, which translates to lemon. Citrine is found in many different shades that can range from golden yellow to honey, and even light brown. It can even be found growing naturally in Amethyst, … Continue Reading