Red Super Sale

Red Super Sale in honor of Glorious Garnet Happy Birthday, January babies! This month we are celebrating you and your birthstone. The one and only Garnet. Our sale this month is 50% off anything RED which means super savings! Garnet isn’t just for January babies either. Garnet is associated with the First Chakra. It is a gemstone of not only … Continue Reading

Beadworks Closed on the 4th of July

Soaking up Rays on the 4th of July Beadworks will be closed Wednesday, on the 4th of July to celebrate the holiday with friends and family. We will resume with normal business hours on the 5th. Need to stock up on some last minute supplies before the holiday? We will be open between 10:30 AM … Continue Reading

Gemstone Birthstone

Make it Personal Looking for someone’s Birthstone? Beadworks has you covered for all of your Birthstone Jewelry needs! There is something so special about creating a piece of beaded jewelry for someone. An element that will make it even more personal is to add their stone. There are so many ways to create birthstone jewelry. … Continue Reading

Why are diamonds different colors?

Diamonds are universally acknowledged as one of the hardest substances on earth. In fact, this knowledge is so common, the word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adámas” for unbreakable. Throughout history, diamonds have been used as tools for cutting and engraving, starting with their discovery in India around the 9th century BCE. Because diamonds … Continue Reading

November’s Birthstone: Citrine

Citrine is the birthstone of November, along with Topaz. It is a beautiful, transparent quartz with yellow-orange hues. The name comes from the French word, Citron, which translates to lemon. Citrine is found in many different shades that can range from golden yellow to honey, and even light brown. It can even be found growing naturally in Amethyst, … Continue Reading