Topaz and Citrine for November

Citrine and Topaz We all step back to think about what we are thankful for, especially during the month of November. Those born during this month have an outgoing personality and love to take risks. Citrine and Topaz help balance out these beautifully free-spirited November babies. Citrine is a Golden Yellow gemstone that brings warmth to … Continue Reading

Happy Birthday September Babies!

Oh, Sapphires how we adore you. September babies are lucky enough to have this gemstone of royalty as their birthstone. This month we are celebrating all this blue! 30% Off  ALL Sapphires AND Blue Gemstones like Lapis, Kyanite, or Turquoise.

Gemstone Birthstone

Make it Personal Looking for someone’s Birthstone? Beadworks has you covered for all of your Birthstone Jewelry needs! There is something so special about creating a piece of beaded jewelry for someone. An element that will make it even more personal is to add their stone. There are so many ways to create birthstone jewelry. … Continue Reading

Amber: the Ancient Healer

Ever wonder how the bold yellow and golden hues of amber came to be?  Let’s get to know a bit more about the rich history of this mesmerizing stone. History of Amber Amber is neither a crystal or mineral. Rather, it is a completely organic stone that comes from the resin of extinct trees. Over millions … Continue Reading

Sterling Silver and Thai Silver

Sterling Silver and Thai Silver are used in jewelry making just as much as gold is and it’s just as versatile. A lot like gold, there are different types of silver, including plated silver, sterling silver, and Thai Silver. Obviously, plated silver is just a layer of the precious metal over a base, but what are the … Continue Reading

Precious Peridot Protects the Humble Heart

The precious Peridot is August’s birthstone and it’s a masterful match. Peridot is one of the only precious gemstones to have one color, though it has many shades. This glorious gem is usually green with either a yellow hue or brown seemingly painted over the stone to create stunning shapes and windows to the color. … Continue Reading