Charms and their Symbolic Meanings

Beadworks carries a vast selection of plated, sterling silver, vermeil, and gold-filled charms. Adding one (or multiple) charms to a beaded bracelet can add truly character and new meaning to your lovely bracelet. Did you know that most of the charms we carry have symbolic meanings behind them? Here’s a list of some of the … Continue Reading

Buddhist Prayer Beads – Learn to Make Your Own Meditation Beads

Anatomy Of Prayer Beads The Beadworks team has been so inspired to make Buddhist prayer beads or meditation beads lately. We have been attending classes at Kaia Yoga in Westport and really working on wellness too. During our classes, we have learned that all the parts that make up the Buddhist prayer beads all have … Continue Reading

Thomas Midgley, Jr. – The Real Inspiration for Earth Day

Earth Day is observed by 192 countries around the world. It’s a day dedicated to spreading awareness of humanity’s effects on the planet and the million little ways we can counteract the bad. It supports everything, from minor changes like carpooling to work or buying locally to reduce car emissions, to major orchestrated protests and … Continue Reading

Why are diamonds different colors?

Diamonds are universally acknowledged as one of the hardest substances on earth. In fact, this knowledge is so common, the word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adámas” for unbreakable. Throughout history, diamonds have been used as tools for cutting and engraving, starting with their discovery in India around the 9th century BCE. Because diamonds … Continue Reading

How to write Rune Scripts

Runes have been used for centuries as in jewelry and armor, starting with the Vikings. They can be found in writings, as bindrunes on jewelry, or as rune scripts on armor. A rune script is a series of runes that is a direct request. They are best for jewelry or tattoos, something the owner can … Continue Reading

Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year: Year of the Fire Rooster Beadworks loves celebrating multi-cultural holidays and we are anticipating the upcoming Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year begins on January 28th, with the festivities typically starting the day before the New Year and continuing until the Lantern Festival which is February 15th. In the Chinese zodiac, each year is … Continue Reading