With the holidays coming up, we know you’re super busy! There are so many handmade gifts to create and so little time. Necklaces are a great gift and can be very easy to make once you figure out your design. But figuring out the design can be the hardest part! Below, we’ll explain the most common necklace lengths so that you can more easily figure out how you want your finished product to look.


Necklaces with this length are usually considered a choker. They should rest comfortably high on the neck or fall on the clavicle.


This length is the most used on the list. It’s flattering on most people with almost any outfit. If you’re in doubt, go with this one!


If you need a piece of jewelry somewhere in the middle of formal and casual, this is the length for you. A necklace of this size has the ability to dress up a casual outfit or tone down formalwear.


This is the most extravagant length there is. Perfect for any formal outfit, a necklace this long will drape gracefully over the chest and can even hang below the navel. It’s go big or go home!

Of course, it is always easier to figure out what length will work best when you come and see the material for yourself. All chains will drape differently, so it’s important to try them out so you know what they’ll end up looking like. If you’re still stuck after reading this, stop by the store and let us help! Sometimes all you need is two sets of eyes to help move your project along.

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