Citrine and Topaz

We all step back to think about what we are thankful for, especially during the month of November. Those born during this month have an outgoing personality and love to take risks. Citrine and Topaz help balance out these beautifully free-spirited November babies.

Citrine is a Golden Yellow gemstone that brings warmth to your inner being. This gemstone helps its wearer find Enlightenment, bring in more Optimism, Warmth, and Clarity. For those suffering from self-doubt, and irrational mood swings, wearing this gemstone can help relieve you of these mental blocks.

Topaz in a way represents the first chills of the year with its Ice Blue Colour. The cold weather tends to bring out those aches and pains. It radiates gentle energy that Soothes, Heals, and Recharges. This gemstone redirect’s its energy to were it is needed most.

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