Topaz and Citrine for November

Citrine and Topaz We all step back to think about what we are thankful for, especially during the month of November. Those born during this month have an outgoing personality and love to take risks. Citrine and Topaz help balance out these beautifully free-spirited November babies. Citrine is a Golden Yellow gemstone that brings warmth to … Continue Reading

Macrame Bracelets are the Perfect Fall Project

Macrame is Easy and Fun! Macrame is a versatile knotting technique. It is simple and easy to learn. Once you get started it’s hard to stop. We have a huge selection of different waxed cotton cord, leather, and even nylon and silk cord to use for macrame bracelets. They come in a lot of fun … Continue Reading

Stacking up those (Bracelet) Odds

Bracelet Stacks for Fall  Just like we layer up for the cold weather, we can layer up on our accessories. Choosing the right color combination for your accessories can be a little stressful. Here are some helpful color suggestions when creating Autumn themed bracelet stacks. A Huge Color this Fall is Dark Blue. Blue and Yellow: … Continue Reading

Stunning Opals for October

Opals for October October’s birthstone stone is the Opal. It just so happens we have a variety of Opal beads here at Beadworks. Ethiopian, Boulder, Peruvian, and Austrailian (oh my). Opals are considered the “Eye Stone”.  It catches every eye with its magical flash and iridescence. Metaphysically speaking, Opals will bring one’s traits to the … Continue Reading