Go Natural with your Beaded Necklaces

The Earth has been on our minds lately here at Beadworks. We love our gemstone beads and their ancient connection to the planet, but we also have a huge variety of natural wooden beads, shells, pearls, bone and horn beads to choose from. We love the look of incorporating natural beads in necklaces and bracelets. They are versatile, so they pair well with just about anything. A wooden beaded bracelet looks amazing with a simple sterling silver charm in the middle and carved horn beads are a great accent to a Buddha Bead Bracelet. The possibilities are truly endless, so let’s take a closer look at some of our natural superstars.

Wooden Beads

Wooden beads may be some of the most versatile beads we carry. They are lightweight and come in tons of different sizes and colors. Wooden beads can be easily dyed to give them different hues, but they can also be burnt to give them a more natural dark color. We carry natural, un-dyed wood, but if anything we have is dyed, we’re sure to let you know on the label. Some of our wooden beads have incredible, natural patterns throughout which makes them one-of-a-kind and gives your handmade jewelry a truly unique look.

Wooden beads look excellent paired with pastel gemstones like aquamarine, matte agate beads and even complement the deep purple of amethyst gemstone beads. Come in to see if we have wood beads in your favorite color, and see how they compliment your birthstone. Wood beads are a staple at Beadworks year round, though they really take the spotlight during the warmer months.

Bone & Horn Beads

Beads made of bone and horn are also a very versatile bead, as they are excellent for carving and can be dyed many different colors. A lot of our horn and bone beads have intricate patterns carved into them. If you see a dark colored bead with lighter designs carved into it, they are most likely horn beads that were burnt to make it darker in color. They also look great as they are, the light ivory color makes a great neutral component to any beaded necklace or bracelet. If the bone and horn beads aren’t unique enough for you, we even have beads made of ostrich shell!

Coral Beads

Let’s take a dip! The next few naturals come from our oceans, making them perfect for those days when you wish you could be at the beach. Coral beads come from the hardened skeletons of coral polyps found in tropical ocean waters and have been used in jewelry for centuries. The colors can range from deep red to orange to white and we carry bleached coral beads, as well as natural and dyed. As far as sustainability goes, we only carry dyed red coral due to the Mediterranean red coral colonies being under threat. Vibrant red coral beads are associated with the base chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. Incorporating red coral beads into your jewelry can help keep you grounded, stable, and secure.

red and orange coral beads at beadworks

Shell Beads & Pendants

Are we the only ones who are already ready for Summer? We’ve got tons of varieties of shell beads to add to your jewelry to channel those beachy vibes you’ve been thinking about all Winter. If you want to relive your childhood days at the boardwalk, we’ve got puka shells for you to make a nostalgic necklace. There’s also the more glamorous and colorful abalone shells that remind us of ocean waves. Blacklip oyster shell beads make a great pendant for a statement necklace, as the iridescent quality and large size of this particular shell make it catch the light and stand out. If you prefer pink, we have beautiful beads made from conch shells. The peachy, milky color makes it a perfect bead to welcome Summer, even if it’s not quite here yet.

Whatever your personal style, it’s easy to create an earthy vibe by incorporating natural wooden beads, shells, and horn & bone beads. If you want your jewelry to stand out, try a shiny shell or polished red coral bead that’s sure to draw attention. If you prefer subtlety, a bracelet made of wood beads and a simple charm would be perfect. When it comes to naturals, there is something for everyone, so come take a look and find the perfect fit!

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