This piece of jewelry goes by many names. So whether or not a Buddha Bracelet sounds familiar to you, you have probably seen one! It can be called a yoga bracelet, wrist mala or Buddhist prayer beads. These bracelets are wonderful for meditation and focus.

You will learn the traditional skill of silk knotting, which in itself can be quite meditative. At the beginning of the class, you’ll have time to choose your own gemstone beads and coordinating tassels to suit your style. You will also be using beading tweezers to knot between beads with your silk, and leave with the ability to make your own bracelets, or even necklaces, at home!

A traditional wrist mala has 21 beads crafted from seeds, gemstones, or wood, and are often finished with an additional “guru” bead and a special knot and/or tassel. If you want to do some homework before class, check out our post about Buddhist Prayer Beads and get an in-depth look.

We have two classes scheduled in March:
Saturday, March 17th 9-10am
Saturday, March 24th 9-10am

Sign up for the class HERE and check out all the other classes we have on the schedule here. See you soon!

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