Nailing Silk Knotting

Stringing beads on silk and knotting them can take your custom jewelry and beading to the next level. It not only protects your gemstones but it also makes them more fun to wear! This is a beading technique and DIY jewelry making skill has been used for many many years and is traditionally seen on freshwater pearls and in prayer beads. Now you will find this beading technique used with gemstones and beyond.

Though at Beadworks we suggest taking a class to learn this jewelry making skill we do have step by step pictures for you to follow here. And below we will outline what you will need to get started and also some tips and tricks.

What do I need to start Silk Knotting?

One thing we love about silk knotting is that you don’t need a lot of beading tools to do it. One decision that you will have to make is if you want to use a plated or a precious metal such as sterling silver or gold filled. We carry both options at Beadworks. If you are taking the time to silk knot your gemstone beads we like to suggest using sterling silver or gold filled. This is so your necklace or bracelet lasts longer and will be better quality.

-Knotting Tweezers
-Bead tips and other findings (clam shells/picnic baskets, clasp, jump rings)
-Gemstone beads
-Silk (we like to use Griffin silk which comes with a needle already attached to the end. Once you pick out your beads we can help guide you to the size silk that you will need)

Why Silk Knotting?

As mentioned before, this beading technique will help protect your gemstone beads. Knotted jewelry has a flowy weightless feel to it as well. It gives your necklace or bracelet much better drape. Enjoy the process of silk knotting, it can be very relaxing and zen. We have silk knotting classes at Beadworks as well. Click here for the schedule.

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