Sterling Silver and Thai Silver

Sterling Silver and Thai Silver are used in jewelry making just as much as gold is and it’s just as versatile. A lot like gold, there are different types of silver, including plated silver, sterling silver, and Thai Silver. Obviously, plated silver is just a layer of the precious metal over a base, but what are the … Continue Reading

Nailing Knotting Beading Technique- Silk Knotting- Prayer Beads- Custom Jewelry

Nailing Silk Knotting Stringing beads on silk and knotting them can take your custom jewelry and beading to the next level. It not only protects your gemstones but it also makes them more fun to wear! This is a beading technique and DIY jewelry making skill has been used for many many years and is … Continue Reading

Jewelry Making Tips and Tricks- DIY Jewelry Making Tips

Beadworks offers a ton of great beading classes, however it’s great to get back to basics sometimes too. It’s very easy to get so caught up with learning new things in our beading classes that we forget about our favorite beading tips and tricks.   Don’t use clear nail polish…ever! When making a stretch bracelet … Continue Reading