What are worry beads?

Worry beads are traditionally from Greece. Worry Beads make great gifts too! Everyone in Greece carries glass or gemstone beads strung on a cord. They are usually strung very loose so they can be flipped around your hand throughout the day. Worry beads are great for people with anxious or busy minds. These are a wonderful way to help you focus. Almost like a beaded fidget spinner. You can also leave them in your car for when you’re sitting in traffic or even commuting on the train.

Worry beads look a lot like prayer beads or Buddhist prayer beads. Buddhist prayer beads are 108 beads usually knotted between each bead and they are used for meditation. There are many parts to a mala, or prayer beads which we go over in our “Anatomy of Prayer Beads” post.

How do I make my Worry Beads?

You will need:

  • A strand of your favorite gemstone rounds (6mm or 8mm work best)
    The proper size silk cord for your gemstone rounds
    A focal bead
  • Hypo- Cement Glue
  • Silk Knotting Tweezers

To make your worry beads:

  • Leaving a 5-inch tail before your first bead
  • Knot as many beads as you would like to make you worry beads with(I usually use around 30 depending on what size beads)
  • After you knot all your beads add your focal bead
  • Feed the silk down through your focal bead so both ends of the silk are coming out of the bottom
  • Tie a knot and add some hypo-cement glue
  • You can also add a tassel or add a few focal beads going down the bottom

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