Anatomy Of Prayer Beads

The Beadworks team has been so inspired to make Buddhist prayer beads or meditation beads lately. We have been attending classes at Kaia Yoga in Westport and really working on wellness too. During our classes, we have learned that all the parts that make up the Buddhist prayer beads all have meaning. It’s so interesting and definitely leaves you wanting to make prayer beads with all of our gemstones. We’ll put together a workshop to help your create your own, personalized set of prayer beads in the form of a mala. Check out our calendar here.

The Beads

Choosing beads for your mala can be very fun. Reflect and think about what intention you want to set with this mala. You don’t even need to research the meanings, sometimes while you are in the store, a certain stone or color just speaks to you and maybe that’s what you need to go with. Often times when I use this method to choose my beads, I research the meanings of the color and stone after and am moved by how and why I was connected to those stones at the time. You can use as many types of stones as you like too. Choose a stone that speaks to you.

Guru Bead/Focal Bead

This is the bead that makes up the center point in your prayer beads. This section can be anything. A large gemstone to match your other stones, a contrasting color gemstone, a Thai silver metal bead, or a tribal pendant that speaks to you.

108 Beads

108 is a sacred number in the Buddhist and Hindu faith. It is said that there are 108 lines of energy flowing through your seven chakras. When meditating with your mala you say your intentions 108 times. You can add spacer beads to your mala which to do count as part of the 108. The spacer or counter beads are used to bring your mind back if it’s wandered during meditation.

Silk and Knots

The silk that you use to knot your mala signifies the universe. Your silk is what holds your prayer beads together. Both you and your silk come from the universe. While knotting your prayer beads, traditionally you are supposed to say your intention with each knot. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of knotting silk, Beadworks has a both a Silk Knotting Class and a Prayer Bead Mala Making Workshop to get you up the learning curve painlessly.

What is an Intention?

An Intention in yoga practice is meant to be more of a metaphor for your life. It helps you create something to go back to and center your mind. An intention can be a person or a thing. If you have a loved one who needs some good energy sent their way you can set that as your intention. Or maybe you personally need some extra positive thoughts that enter your head every morning or evening when you meditate and you can set that mantra as your intention. Either way, it is meant to be positive and bring you up and bring you peace.

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