Gold Fill v. Gold Plated v. Vermeil – How to tell which is right for you

Gold is as valuable as it is beautiful, but there are limits to what it can do. Gold is one of the softest solid metals on the planet, with only lead or cesium edging it out of the top spot. Mercury doesn’t count since it’s liquid at room temperature and that’s cheating. To get around … Continue Reading

Buddhist Prayer Beads – Learn to Make Your Own Meditation Beads

Anatomy Of Prayer Beads The Beadworks team has been so inspired to make Buddhist prayer beads or meditation beads lately. We have been attending classes at Kaia Yoga in Westport and really working on wellness too. During our classes, we have learned that all the parts that make up the Buddhist prayer beads all have … Continue Reading

Greek Worry Beads

What are worry beads? Worry beads are traditionally from Greece. Worry Beads make great gifts too! Everyone in Greece carries glass or gemstone beads strung on a cord. They are usually strung very loose so they can be flipped around your hand throughout the day. Worry beads are great for people with anxious or busy … Continue Reading