It’s almost the holiday season, which means holiday parties and presents. Holiday parties are hard to plan since you have to somehow appeal to everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s for work, friends, or family, it’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable.

If only there was a way to avoid all that.

Luckily, Beadworks is here!

If you bring the party to Beadworks, everyone will have a blast making jewelry. Instead of making small talk, you can debate holiday themed projects over chic designs. If you want to avoid all the awkwardness by focusing on creating the perfect necklace for your mom’s Christmas present, or on a bracelet to give your friend for Chanukah, no one will judge.

All you have to do is let us know when you want to hold the party, and we’ll sort out the rest. At least one of us will be there to help you throughout the night. You bring the snacks, we’ll bring the beads.

Click here to find out more about parties at Beadworks. Give us a call, we can’t wait to host your holiday party!

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