The precious Peridot is August’s birthstone and it’s a masterful match. Peridot is one of the only precious gemstones to have one color, though it has many shades. This glorious gem is usually green with either a yellow hue or brown seemingly painted over the stone to create stunning shapes and windows to the color.

Because Peridot is so very green, it’s one of the sole stones suited for the heart chakra, anahata. Anahata means “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten” in Sanskrit, and green gemstones help your heart be just that. Anahata is generally associated with serenity, balance, and calm.

The heart chakra is located, unsurprisingly, in line with the heart, inside the spine. It’s usually represented by the color green. As the heart chakra unites the lower chakras of matter and the upper chakras of spirit, green is a rather well suited color. Just as the plants rely on both the sky and earth to survive, the heart relies on the mind and body to function. Peridot helps the heart by tuning into the cycles of change, allowing the heart to adapt more smoothly to randomness of life.

Green is also the color of growth and change, bringing new things to the forefront. To celebrate the month of change and growth, we’re having a sale on everything that’s green! August is the month for plants to bloom and become the food we harvest, and peridot will help bring that to you. If peridot isn’t your thing, we’ve got just about every other green gemstone for you to choose from! Everything green in our store is 30% off this month, so come in quick before it’s harvested from our shelves!


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