Runes have been used for centuries as in jewelry and armor, starting with the Vikings. They can be found in writings, as bindrunes on jewelry, or as rune scripts on armor.

A rune script is a series of runes that is a direct request. They are best for jewelry or tattoos, something the owner can keep on themselves at all times. They’re much more finicky than bindrunes, because they have to be so carefully worded. Instead of a passive boost, they have a structure, each rune leading to the next. Just like an essay, there has to be flow, starting from a general summary, reasons why and details leading to the final ask for help. There are a lot of factors that go into rune scripts, much more than a bindrune, but that’s what makes them so incredibly useful.

Creating a Rune Script

As previously mentioned, rune scripts are a direct ask for something. Bindrunes are a general thing, a boring thing like luck or protection. Rune scripts are a little fancier. They can ask specifically for help with getting promoted to a higher level at your job or maybe you want to ask someone out and need the courage. Or maybe you want some protection against the upcoming allergy season. Rune scripts can help with that.

How many runes should be used?

The trick with rune scripts, like bindrunes, is knowing exactly what you want it to do. This is where numbers come into the equation. A rune script made up of three runes is best for growth or an increase (money, knowledge, skill). One made up of five runes is best for defense/protection and victory (athletes, fighters). Seven runes would be useful to help with love (family, friendly, or romance), whereas nine is the number of the Norns (so anything influencing fate and destiny). You can make a rune script using eleven or thirteen runes, but those get overly complicated and are usually unnecessary.

Why are all the numbers odd?

Simple: there are three rune placements that are incredibly important.

The first rune is how you want the rune script to start. Usually change or luck or protection, it signifies how you want to go about this whole thing. Do you want a change in your life of some sort? Do you need protection? Should you start your trip in the morning, bright and early, or wait till night when the roads are empty? This rune helps with the planning.

The middle rune is how you want to go about it. Is this change going to be a massive overhaul of your life, or just a small one? Is the protection aggressive, lashing out at potential threats before they can become a threat, or a strong defense that will protect you from anything and everything? Would you rather walk or drive a car to your destination? This rune is that first step.

The last rune is where you want to end up. Do you want to end up in largely the same spot, just with better circumstances, or do you want to be somewhere else entirely? Do you want to actively be searching out danger, or do you want to just be prepared? Would you rather take the highway and get there faster, or take the scenic route and maybe come upon something new? This rune helps figure out how to end things.

The other runes help by supporting each following rune, so 1 helps 2 helps 3, and so on. Much like a bindrune, they have to get along in order for your rune script to work.

Crafting a Rune Script

You’ve figured out what you want your rune script to do, how many runes you need, and which ones to use. You’ve even sketched it out to make sure you like it. Now, what do you do with it?

Whatever you want.

Just like a bindrune, you can have this as a piece of jewelry or written on the lid of a jewelry box. It all depends on what you want it to do.


If you want to learn more, click here for a brief history on runes, or here to read about bindrunes.

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