GS Hypo Cement is a strong crafts glue that dries clear. It has a handy precision tip, allowing you to control your movements and the amount of glue that gets dispensed, thus making it the perfect adhesive for jewelry making.

We love using GS Hypo Cement to finish off our stretchy bracelets. Simply dab a small amount on your knot and let it sit for a few hours before snipping off the ends. We recommend allowing the glue to dry for one full day for maximum security. However, if you can’t wait that long, 6 hours should be plenty of time. Because GS Hypo Cement dries clear, you wll be able to wipe off any residue on your beads.

TIP: Make sure you cap your glue immediately once you are done using it. The cement will continue to slowly ooze out and can be quite messy!

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