That Extra Zing: Gemstone Coatings

If you are a lover of gemstones, then you have probably noticed that the same two stones can look quite different from one another. This is due to the different coatings that have been applied. Gemstones coatings are a method of enhancement that can bring out a stone’s natural beauty or create a special effect. … Continue Reading

Breaking Boundaries: Men’s Jewelry

Naturally, we have been conditioned to associate hobbies and material things with a specific audience. Needless to say, making jewelry is typically associated with women and ‘all things feminine’. However, it is in fact a very diverse, creative activity meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages and gender. In fact, the men’s jewelry … Continue Reading

Coming Up in September: Fall Gemstone Show

With Summer coming to an end, the arrival of Fall is getting closer and closer. The changing season means cooler weather, new fashion trends, Autumn leaves, and new beads! Beadworks Fairfield will be having our Fall Gemstone show all day on Thursday, September 15th. We are bringing in a truck load of gemstone strands with unique, interesting cuts. This … Continue Reading

Beading Knowledge: GS Hypo Cement

GS Hypo Cement is a strong crafts glue that dries clear. It has a handy precision tip, allowing you to control your movements and the amount of glue that gets dispensed, thus making it the perfect adhesive for jewelry making. We love using GS Hypo Cement to finish off our stretchy bracelets. Simply dab a small amount … Continue Reading

This Month ONLY: Semi-Precious & Gemstone SALE

We are making room for huge shipments of fabulous new treasures that have arrived from India and China for our September Gemstone Show. For the entire month, we will be having an exclusive “2-3-5” blow-out sale on ALL of our semi-precious and gemstone strands. This includes everything in our gemstone cabinet, such as high end … Continue Reading