Know Your Gemstones: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful, rich blue stone mainly found in Afghanistan, Italy, Egypt, Russia, and the US. This gorgeous semi-precious stone earned its name from the Persian word “Lazur”, meaning “blue stone.” Lapis Lazuli dates back to 3000 B.C. Some ancient jewelry pieces were even found in King Tut’s tomb. Lapis Lazuli, or Lapis … Continue Reading

Inspiring Jewelry Designers: Deb Fanelli

We love seeing our materials come to life, and Deb Fanelli is a customer Beadworks is proud to support. We absolutely love her work, so we wanted to take a moment to give her the recognition that she deserves. Deb is a Vermont based jewelry designer who founded “From The Heart Studios”. She has always … Continue Reading

Join Us at Our Bohemian Chic Show!

On Thursday August 11th, Beadworks Fairfield will be having a fabulous Boho-Chic Tribal Show, where we will be featuring beautiful African trade beads, recycled glass beads, unique pendants, metal beads, and much more. These beads come from all over the world and holds significant meaning to its respected origin, thus making it even more special. … Continue Reading