The Hamsa Hand is a symbol that originated from the Jewish and Muslim religions. Since then, it has become a popular good luck symbol worldwide. In all faiths, it is a protective sign that brings happiness, health, and fortune to its owner. Sometimes, you will see an evil eye symbol within a hamsa. It is believed that the hamsa hand can protect one against evil intentions and suffering.

In the Jewish religion, it is believed that the five fingers serve as a reminder to always use your five senses to praise God. In the Muslim religion, the five fingers represent the Five Pillars of Islam: Faith, Prayer, Pilgrimage, Fasting, and Charity.

In jewelry, Hamsas can be used as a pendant piece on a necklace (as seen above), or as charms for bracelets. We paired our gold plated hamsa hand with our evil eye bead, and wire wrapped pyrite rondelles from our diamond cut plated cable chain. To create your own personalized hamsa jewelry, please visit us in store for some assistance from one of our talented staff members!

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