Symbols in Buddhism: Endless Knot

The Endless Knot is a universal symbol of peace and enlightenment influenced by the Tibetan Buddhism’s “Eight Auspicious Symbols”. It is often used in jewelry, tapestry, and other art forms. The intertwined lines that overlap without a beginning or an end represent Buddha’s endless wisdom and symbolizes how all life matter on Earth are related … Continue Reading

Agate: The Stone of Strength

Agate belongs in the family of the Quartz. It is known for its ability to balance energy, invoke the creative mind, and bring courage to its wearer. For centuries, agate has been associated with strength. During ancient times, warriors would wear agate on the breastplates of their amour to encourage victory at every battle. Agate … Continue Reading

Moonstone: A Crystal of Calmness

Moonstone was the stone of the Goddess, Diana. It has feminine energies and is most powerful during full moons. Like amethyst, moonstone is a great stone for protection, especially during pregnancy, childbirth, and traveling land and sea. Some people believe that it can help strengthen the intuition and can bring love and success in romantic … Continue Reading

Take a Class: Learn to Make Jewelry

We offer a variety of jewelry making classes each week. Choose your favorite precious gemstones and learn how to turn them into wearable art. We have classes ranging from the basics of bead stringing and wire working to more complex jewelry techniques such as silk knotting. Check on our online calendar for all of our … Continue Reading

Hamsa Hand: The Hand of God

The Hamsa Hand is a symbol that originated from the Jewish and Muslim religions. Since then, it has become a popular good luck symbol worldwide. In all faiths, it is a protective sign that brings happiness, health, and fortune to its owner. Sometimes, you will see an evil eye symbol within a hamsa. It is … Continue Reading

Amethyst: The Stone of Protection

Amethyst is a variety of Quartz that was first discovered around 3000 BC. It is the birthstone of February, and usually appears in shades of light violet to deep grape purple. Amethyst has the ability to balance mood swings, alleviate anger and sadness, and dissolve negative energy. Because amethyst is such a calming stone, it … Continue Reading