Rare Green Gemstones

Quick! Name three green gemstones off the top of your head! Here’s a guess at what you thought of: emerald, jade, agate (if specifically moss, give yourself extra points). If you guessed something different, like green jasper or green sapphire, you get an extra point. If you guessed a green pearl, that’s not a gemstone, … Continue Reading

Beadmaking and Beadwork Throughout Africa

February is Black History month and we at Beadworks were interested in learning more about the history of beading and bead making in Africa. We researched online and found a great article (see here for site) from the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC that elaborates on the history beadmaking in Africa.  They have an entire … Continue Reading

Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year: Year of the Fire Rooster Beadworks loves celebrating multi-cultural holidays and we are anticipating the upcoming Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year begins on January 28th, with the festivities typically starting the day before the New Year and continuing until the Lantern Festival which is February 15th. In the Chinese zodiac, each year is … Continue Reading

Tricky Turquoise

How do you tell the difference between genuine Turquoise and Dyed Howlite or Dyed Magnesite? Turquoise is one of the most common gemstones that gets imitated in the jewelry design industry. It is often dyed Howlite or dyed Magnesite. So how can you tell the difference between the real deal and imitation? It’s difficult so always … Continue Reading

Vogue Report: Jewelry for 2017

The latest jewelry report from Vogue says gemstones are in! Vogue is without a doubt one of THE guides for all things fashionable. Just off the latest Spring/Summer runway shows, Vogue has confirmed gemstones are a big hit in jewelry this year. Not only are minerals making a hit on the runway, here are a few other trends for … Continue Reading

Leather Wrap Bracelet Class

Fun Leather Wrap Class This January! Within minutes you can make a unique, hand-made leather-wrap bracelet that is sure to impress. In this class you will learn how to make simple, easy-to-do woven bracelets combining leather and beads. The class is easy enough for beginners but will provide something new for even the most advanced … Continue Reading